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A tree fell on my car and gave me an awesome workout

The eerie howling of the wind woke me up at around 5 AM. Power was out and although all our windows were shut, it was chilly. “It’s going to be a memorable day,” hubby said (it was his birthday). The Philippines … Continue reading

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Force = Mass x Acceleration. And how nice, it’s also Filipino Martial Arts! Call me a nerd but I remembered that physics equation when I broke Master Cris’s stick this morning. We were doing Ocho Defensa Tirada drills and I … Continue reading

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My (un)gym

  When my friends first learn that I’m into Arnis, one of their questions is where I train. They become a bit confused when I answer “Quezon Memorial Circle” (in case you don’t know yet, it’s a public park in … Continue reading

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Towards being a more realistic arnisador

Two years ago, I was a long distance runner. I ran half- marathons and diligently trained for what I considered to be the ultimate challenge, a full marathon. In March 2012, I ran the 42.2 kms (26.2 miles)! But you … Continue reading

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Friends, look at where this blog brought me

You’ve heard about the online newspaper and magazine FMA Informative and how a few  of my blog posts got included in some of its issues, right? Well, it’s going to be a regular thing now. Really! FMA Informative Publisher and … Continue reading

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My hubby passed out and I’m a suspect

Hubby gave me a scare last week. I really thought he was having a stroke when in the middle of the night he suddenly fell unconscious while peeing. I rushed him to the hospital and after tests and half a … Continue reading

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Date an arnis girl

Date an Arnis girl. Date a girl who passionately pursues something not because it is popular but because she knows that it is the one for her. Watch how she trains and admire her determined focus.  See her concentrate during the attacks, blocks, and disarms. Observe her confident … Continue reading

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