A documentary film: Eskrimadors (Part 5 of 5)

Finally, we come to the conclusion of this informative documentary. I enjoyed watching and learning about this not-so-popular but very  practical martial art.

This last part is what I found the most touching, if not saddening. This is the part where the grandmasters talk about their love for Eskrima and their hopes of it being more respected and appreciated, especially in the Philippines.

Is it really true that Eskrima is more valued in other countries? If it’s true, how depressing.

Special message to my beloved countrymen: We have this treasure of a martial art. It is one of the fastest, deadliest, most complex yet practical in the world. Join me in learning it.

Part 5

I’m sorry but the video has been removed from Youtube due to a copyright claim by Joseph Kerwin Go. But here are my notes anyway. 

Doce Pares Multi-style System
GM Dionisio “Diony” Canete
Doce Pares Multi-style System

There might be a technological transfer of the art from here to America and Europe, because there, when they train they train hard. 

This is the best time to realize its beauty and significance.

Me and my borthers were born with sticks in our hearts. It’s part of my life.

GM Bonifacio UyBDU Eskrima
GM Bonifacio Uy
BDU Eskrima

Eskrima is still spreading far and wide but from what I see in tournaments here in Cebu, it is not as intense as before.

It’s more popular abroad than here at home. The younger generation aren’t interested. It is not good that it is disappearing slowly. We must cherish it because it is ours. It isn’t from anywhere else. It’s ours.

GM Nick ElizarNickelstrick Eskrima
GM Nick Elizar
Nickelstrick Eskrima

If nobody makes an effort to promote Eskrima, then our love for FMA will die with us.

Eskrimadors who have gone before me are unsung heroes of our nation. If it weren’t for them, Filipinos won’t be known for their skill in martial arts.

Sometimes, I see people who no longer acknowledge that I taught them. But in the quiet depths of my heart, I’m happy to see them using what I taught them.

Gm Undo Caburnay Lapunti arnis  de AbanicoAll I want is to share my knowledge with others so that my techniques can help them defend themselves and when I’m gone, they’ll remember that I was the one who taught them.  


Uwit Jecong

GM Cacoy CaneteCacoy Doce Pares
GM Cacoy Canete
Cacoy Doce Pares

Eskrima is part of my life. I’m not planning to retire. How can I retire when I don’t want to retire?

In memory of Grandmasters:

  • Liborio Heyrosa (1935-1995)
  • Filemon Caburnay (1915-1992)
  • Timoteo Maranga (1919-1988)
  • Teofilo Velez (1917-1989)
  • Vicente Carin (1922-2004)
  • Eulogio Canete (1901-1988)
  • Vicencio Bacon (1912-1981)
  • Filemon Canete (1904-1995)

Dear Grandmasters, Thank you very much for your legacy. I hope someday soon you will be given the recognition that you deserve.


Watch the whole series. Click the links below for the videos and my notes.


8 thoughts on “A documentary film: Eskrimadors (Part 5 of 5)

  1. Lester Usapdin August 16, 2014 / 9:53 PM

    You should also blog Eskrima on YouTube from documentaries such as Human Weapon, Fight Quest, Discovery Channel, BBC’s Way of the Warrior, The Bladed Hand, Hidden Cities Extreme, BBC3.

    • thedeadlydance August 19, 2014 / 9:13 PM

      Okay, good idea. I’ll look for those videos. Thanks Lester.

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