Be nice to those who are trying Arnis

Gerald Anderson is one of the Philippines’ most popular young actors today.

A few years ago, he trained in Arnis for one of his TV series. I guess it was during one of his trainings that someone got a video and uploaded it in Youtube with the title “Arnis Demo.”

If you have trouble viewing the video, click HERE.

Soon after the upload, a barrage of negative comments came in. I suppose they were from people knowledgeable of Arnis:

“This is not Arnis!”
“terrible, just terrible”
“No principles of any of the Philippine martial arts were followed in this video. This Karateka needs to learn other arts before applying them!”
“wow that was the worst Arnis demo I have seen to date! A beginner on his first day could do better”
“ok so we’ll just have to wait after his dancing’s done then maybe he can demonstrate Arnis”
 “man i have been in martial arts 17 years and with the two years of fma that i got i could have put on a better demo”

Their contention was that he was disgracing Arnis and that people will be turned off.

I disagree.

He was an actor practicing for his TV show. His shortcomings are understandable and forgivable.

The Philippines has over 93 million people and more than half are 35 years old and younger. And just like in many other places in the world, those who are popular are often very influential. What they do, many will want to do also.

A few years ago, Running, Frisbee, and Football were not popular in the Philippines as they are now.

Of course there were many factors involved, but I think the fact that there were handsome young men who were into it, made many people take a closer look and then eventually go into them also.

Piolo Pascual for Running.
Piolo Pascual for Running.
Derek Ramsay for Frisbee
Derek Ramsay for Frisbee
Phil Younghusband for Soccer
Phil Younghusband for Football

If we, instead of insulting Gerald’s attempts, encouraged him to continue his Arnis training and show people that he’s into it, he would have helped promote our awesome sport. He would have been our face.

Now, who do we have??

My dear friends, next time a handsome young man tries Arnis, PLEASE TRY TO BE NICE TO HIM, OKAY?

Or, if you are a handsome young man, then… what are you waiting for?

Any comment?


8 thoughts on “Be nice to those who are trying Arnis

  1. Running Honeybee June 5, 2013 / 9:57 AM

    Very nice post! We should indeed support the efforts of people who may have the influence to our society to try Arnis.

  2. wi August 15, 2014 / 6:42 PM

    Make the practice long for a few months that it will look like their moves are real. Just like in Bourne films.

    • thedeadlydance August 19, 2014 / 8:17 PM

      I agree. I’m sure Matt Damon practiced for months. I also read an article about how Aaron Echart trained for 6 months for the movie I, Frankenstein. And then when I watched that movie, the fight scenes were too short (for me, at least). I expected more considering that he trained for months. Anyway, I hope that there will be ore movies about FMA and you’re right, the actors should seriously train.

  3. asher December 29, 2014 / 8:04 PM

    Hello! 🙂 I agree that you disagree. However, the choreographers are the ones who should be blamed, not Gerald Anderson. They were the people who made him do those fancy moves, which made us, FMA practitioners, laugh. Maybe they wanted people to see “flashy” moves that are entertaining to the eyes of the public audience. Or they just didn’t do enough research on FMA. In my opinion, they should at least do more research that will make the scene look pure FMA, not mixed with other arts. Nice blog, by the way. Peace! 🙂

    • Joy December 31, 2014 / 10:55 PM

      Hi Asher. Thanks for visiting and commenting. My instructor master cris would really agree with you. He doesn’t like flashy moves either, all the more in the tournaments he organizes.
      Anyway, I feel bad for Anderson because, I agree with you, it was not his fault. Ok, we can put some blame on the choreographers but maybe they also were pressured to put in some entertaining flashy moves. Law of supply and demand.

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