Nine reasons why athletes should eat sweet potatoes

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Ever since I saw that movie Ip Man, I’ve been thinking about sweet potatoes (in the Philippines we call them camote or kamote). The setting of that movie was during the second world war when food was scarce. Ip Man ate hardly anything but that humble root crop, yet it gave him energy to win duels.  

Now, we have substantial research evidence that sweet potatoes are really super foods for athletes.

 Let me name nine of them:

  1. Fuel for performance: its carbohydrate is digested and absorbed gradually (provides sustained energy for long workouts)
  2. High in fiber: it fills you up but does not pile up the calories
  3. Cholesterol-free
  4. High in multivitamins: vitamins A, C, and E (good for muscle repair and recovery)
  5. High in minerals: potassium (for muscle contraction, nerve transmission, bone health, water equilibrium and the maintenance of normal blood pressure and copper (for healthy muscles and joints)
  6. High in Iron (important in the transportation of oxygen to muscles during a workout, minimizing fatigue)
  7. Cost-effective 
  8. Versatile – you can steam, bake, boil, roast, grill, microwave them
  9. Delicious – here’s one healthy food that’s easy on the palate

Tomorrow, I’m buying some.

How about you, do you eat sweet potatoes? What’s the effect on you?

I wish you health, my friends.



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3 thoughts on “Nine reasons why athletes should eat sweet potatoes

  1. stlcounterpoint June 26, 2013 / 1:31 AM

    I’ve never liked sweet potatoes. I used to be a picky eater when I was young but have eased up as I got older. Sadly, sweet potatoes just don’t do it for me. My girlfriends like to bake them as fries. I may have to give them another try with all this information.

  2. Anonymous June 26, 2013 / 10:14 AM

    Yes I like sweet potatoes but I like the orange ones best. Thanks.

  3. Karthik S Vailaya September 23, 2013 / 11:09 PM

    I have never liked the taste of sweet potatoes. But one has to agree that the nutritional value is exceptional. Well, the things that taste not so good, are usually highly nutritional. Can’t help it. Great post. Nice work

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