Announcement: Arnis Tournament – June 29-30, 2013, Philippines

Pasindo Arnis Tournament

The Arnis Pasindo Eskrima Martial Arts Association

7th Invitational Arnis Tournament

June 29 -30, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)

10 AM to 8 PM

Jackman Plaza, Munoz, Quezon City, Philippines (For a map, click here)

Anyo / Full Contact Arnis (Junior and Senior Divisions)

Registration Fee: Php 250/participant

Some words from the organizer, Master Cris Pasindo.

I organized this tournament so that more Filipinos will learn and appreciate Arnis. It is our national sport, our very own.

Aside from that, competitions are effective motivators for Arnis practitioners to train seriously. It’s one way to keep the standards high.

It’s also a venue to meet and bond with others in the community.

I thank my friends for helping and volunteering their time and expertise. This is not a financially-rewarding endeavor for us but it’s worth it. From the secretariat to the officials, most of us are doing this out of our love for Arnis and the Philippines.

Okay, thank you very much Master Cris Pasindo. See you there!

Mabuhay ang Arnis!



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