7th Arnis Pasindo Tournament, done!

I’m dead tired.

These past two days have really been spectacularly exciting. I went to another Anis tournament…as spectator…but still…I’m tired…well, if you spend two days with 130 or so young Arnisadors, you’d also be tired 🙂

To all participants and winners, congratulations and more power to you!

Here are a few photos for now. If I get the energy, I’ll post more. 🙂

UPDATE: FMA Informative will publish a whole issue about this tournament. Watch out for it in September 2013.

High-adrenaline from start to finish
The flying GM, Jay Jumawan
Young athletes intently listening to GM Vic Sanchez’s words of wisdom
Arnis Pasindo Kids’ Team (New Manila, QC Chapter)
That’s me with other Arnis Pasindo members.


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6 thoughts on “7th Arnis Pasindo Tournament, done!

  1. Cheese Chomp Dad July 3, 2013 / 8:05 AM

    I like the third shot. Exciting action captured at its finest!

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