Nine reasons why your brand should sponsor Arnis tournaments in the Philippines

Arnis Full Contact Event
Photo Credit: Arnis Pasindo

No, I’m not  a marketing person but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced: Sponsoring Arnis tournaments here in the Philippines will be a smart and surefire investment for your brand.


You want to know why?

Read on, my friends.

1. You will be a part of something that will grow, for sure. In 2009, Arnis became the Philippines’ National Martial Art and Sport (Republic Act No. 9850). The implementing Rules and Regulations are still being finalized but  Arnis will soon be promoted and taught in communities, primary-secondary-tertiary schools, armed forces (AFP), and the police (PNP).  See for yourself how HUGE it will be HERE.

2. You will build your brand’s pro-Pinoy image. What other sport can give you this?  You will be known as supporter and promoter of the Filipino spirit, culture, and heritage.

3. You will be identified with the qualities ascribed to Arnis: patriotism, fearlessness, guts, determination, and speed.

4. Your brand will be exposed to your target consumers: high school and college students, as well as influential people like coaches, tournament organizers, and officials.

5. You will have a chance to build awareness, affinity, and loyalty to your brand at a relatively lower cost compared to other means of marketing.

6. Your promotional materials will receive maximum exposure. The tournament is held in a fixed venue i.e., the participants and spectators stay in one place the whole tournament duration. Displayed promotional materials like banners and posters are in their sight the whole time.

7. You will be seen by so many in social media. The participants belong to a group profiled as being active in Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other social media. Think of how many will see your brand’s name and logo in the background of so many shared photos and videos.

8. You won’t have to compete with other big brands in sponsoring other already popular sports. Why go where it is already crowded? In Arnis, you’ll surely get noticed.

9. You’ll have the opportunity to do something noble for the Philippines.  Filipinos, this is our country, our heritage, our sport.  It’s time to love our own. Our non Filipino friends,  help us become a people who appreciate and practice our own. It’s high time.

Taken during the 8th Arnis Pasindo Tournament, 1 December 2013, Queon City, Philippines. Photo by STIX.
Anyo Event at the 8th Arnis Pasindo Tournament . Photo credit: STIX.

So, my friends, do you agree?

Sponsoring an Arnis tournament is a killer marketing strategy!


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6 thoughts on “Nine reasons why your brand should sponsor Arnis tournaments in the Philippines

  1. Running Honeybee August 1, 2013 / 9:27 AM

    Agree! Hoping that many sponsors will flood in for this growing sport soon! 🙂

  2. Cheese Chomp Dad August 1, 2013 / 2:13 PM

    Yes we should support Arnis. For some reason it is more popular in other countries than in the Philippines. Thank you Joy for forwarding the list of Arnis masters where I can learn. WIl let you know as soon as I start 😀

    • thedeadlydance August 1, 2013 / 2:20 PM

      I always think about why it’s more popular abroad. There are many, many reasons. Oh well, there’s bright hope for the future.
      Ok. More power. Chomp that cheese! (I’m eating a thick cheese sandwich now. Yumm 🙂

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