Date a Filipino Martial Arts girl

HeartDate a Filipino Martial Arts girl. Date a girl who passionately pursues something not because it is popular but because she knows that it is the one for her.

Watch how she trains and admire her determined focus.  See her concentrate during the attacks, blocks, and disarms. Observe her confident posture,  graceful movements, and bask in the fact that this girl is not afraid of pain. She understands that pain is a part of life and knows that most are, thankfully, temporary.

During breaks, let her sip from your water bottle and marvel that in that sweaty, no-make-up moment, she is most beautiful. She is in her element and she glows.

Be her best friend. Smile with her as she appreciates the little things: the rhythmic tapping of her sticks, the meaning of each sinawali strike, and even how the blisters on her hands symbolize discipline. Listen to the 1,001 reasons why she loves Filipino Martial Arts.

Take her to a tournament an hour before it starts. You will see her quiet excitement as she frets over her weapons, her gear, and her planned strategy. You will laugh because she gives so much importance to Filipino Martial Arts as if it were her entire life. But you will know later that it only shows how passionate she can be about something that is important to her.

Hold her jittery hands before her event. She will hope to do a seamless Anyo routine or make all the winning moves in the Full Contact Event. Press her hand against yours and assure her that she’ll be fine. Look deep into her eyes and say that you are already proud of her.

Always remember that although she can very well take care of herself, she is still a girl who will always appreciate your thoughtfulness and care. Be a gentleman. A Filipino Martial Arts girl enjoys being a lady with her man.

When the right time comes, join her in a belt promotion test and then during the celebration dinner, propose. Or invite her to a sparring practice in the afternoon and then at sunset, get down on your knees.

Marry a Filipino Martial Arts girl because you deserve it. You deserve someone who pursues life with passion and enjoys even the mundane, a girl who passionately grips life with the ultimate paradox of Filipino Martial Arts:  strength and beauty.

So when you do find your Filipino Martial Arts girl, love her, hold her close, and never ever let her go.


This post was inspired by:

Many thanks also to my darling hubby for supplying many of the ideas above, my favorite of which is his insightful quote:

Although a Filipino Martial Arts girl can very well take care of herself,  she is still a girl who will always appreciate a man’s thoughtfulness and care.

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10 thoughts on “Date a Filipino Martial Arts girl

  1. Oliver December 1, 2013 / 8:02 AM

    lovely article Miss Joy! Pugay!

  2. Blade Apprentice December 14, 2013 / 1:17 AM

    Aaaaw, *kilig* 🙂 It’s written like a poem. So heartfelt and honest. I love it! 😀

  3. Lessandra Berbano January 10, 2014 / 11:48 AM

    Hi Joy, delurking here. 🙂 From one arnis girl to another, thank you for writing this. It was a lovely read, many parts of which really resonated with me.

    I think of all the blisters and cuts and bruises I’ve subjected my body to, the countless “sweaty, no-makeup moments” at training (which the guys in my class don’t seem to mind anyway), and the long hours spent practicing drills at home instead of doing something more leisurely–and then I think of how FMA has been such a source of joy and inspiration to me from day one, and I realize that at the end of the day, I have nothing to complain about and every reason to be thankful. I hope more women discover FMA and come to love it as much as we do. More power to your blog.

    p.s. Your husband is one lucky guy. Seriously. 😉

    • thedeadlydance January 11, 2014 / 10:43 PM

      Oh thank you my dear arnis sister! It’s great to know another FMA girl who’s so into it. How long have you been in FMA and are are you here in the Philippines also? Maybe we arnis girls can meet up one day. Anyway, I only started in January 2013 but the more time I spend in fma, the more I appreciate it. It. Is. Awesome.
      I told hubby about what you said about him and he said “oh yes!” Wonderful man. 🙂

      • Lessandra Berbano January 13, 2014 / 3:01 PM

        Yeah, Q.C. girl here actually. I started training June 2012 in the LSAI/LESKAS system and never looked back since. 😉 Hey sure, it would be great to connect with other female FMAers–hopefully soon! Hubbies optional, of course. lol


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