Report: 8th Arnis Pasindo Tournament (Philippines)

Arnis Pasindo tournament

Oh wow, have you seen the latest issue of FMA Informative? Not yet? Well, check it out my friends because it’s great— I have a photo there, haha.

Seriously, it’s about the tournament our club organized last December. Despite initial setbacks, the tournament turned out really well.

Here’s an excerpt:

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt

That’s exactly what the organizers, officials, coaches, and athletes did during the 8th Arnis Pasindo Tournament in Quezon City, Philippines held in December 2013 despite disheartening setbacks (Typhoon Haiyan) and the alleged anomalies in the Philippine Sports Commission.

Master Cris said,

If we wait for things to be ideal before we move, then we may never have a tournament. So let’s just have faith and carry on.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. The tournament pushed through.

The numbers: 36 officials, 8 Grandmasters, 5 Combat Arnis demonstrations, 15 clubs, 135 athletes, 34 categories (8 for Anyo, 26 for Full Contact), 102 medals, 6 trophies.

Standing: Master Cris Pasindo
Seated from left: GM Vicente Sanchez (Kali Arnis International), Roberto Labaniego (Top Labaniego/LSAI), GM Rodel Dagooc (Dagooc Arnis System), GM Tony Vasquez (Dulac Martial Arts), GM Ricardo Saballe, Jr. (Baskapada), GM Mon Kiathson (Arnis Combat Kiathson System).
Not in photo: Grandmaster Frank Aycocho (Aycocho Martial Arts), Mataw Guro Virgo Villareal (Philippine College of Criminology)
Arnis Pasindo tournament
LSAI Bigay Tama (Double vs. Single Baston) Demonstration by Senior Master Romeo Santos and son Guro Ronnel Santos

The Anyo competitions, an audience favorite, came first. Although the younger ones were expectedly a bit awkward, the rhythmic gracefulness of Arnis still shone through.


The older athletes were more agile and dramatic in their execution. Attacks and counterattacks in dance form was a sight to behold and reminded everyone that Arnis is a very beautiful martial art.

1487873_10202488596207060_421168381_o (1)


After lunch came the more intense Labanan (Full Contact Sparring Competitions). That’s when everybody really came alive. Spectators cheered, applauded, and shouted anxious encouragement.


The sound of padded sticks loudly whacking the body protectors, the referees’ precise hand signals, the Tagalog words they use like Handa, laban! (Ready, fight!), Hiwalay! (Separate!), Hinto! (Stop!), Hatol (Decision!), and the mesmerizing movements of the judges’ red and blue flags added to the intensity of the moment. Arnis is such a heart-pounding sport!



In the end, the 8th Arnis Pasindo Tournament gave everyone a great day playing a great sport by just doing what they could, with what they had, where they were. All is good, very good.

Overall Champion: Taguig City University

Congratulations to all. Mabuhay!

Watch out for the 9th Arnis Pasindo Tournament coming in March 2014.


  • This is an excerpt from FMA Informative Issue110.  To read the full report (tournament officials, participating clubs, winners, etc.) please click here. Thank you 🙂
  • The 7th Arnis Pasindo Tournament was FMA Informative Issue 87. Check it out here.

Samples of this blog’s posts that got included in the FMA Informative newspaper:


Photo Credits: Stix Arnis, Mr Joseph Nebrida, and Mr Jamin Lim


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