Friends, look at where this blog brought me

You’ve heard about the online newspaper and magazine FMA Informative and how a few  of my blog posts got included in some of its issues, right? Well, it’s going to be a regular thing now. Really!

FMA Informative Publisher and Chief Editor, Punong Guro Steven Dowd, is here in the Philippines and yesterday my Arnis master, Cris Pasindo and I met him.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have been intimidated by this man who didn’t spend lots of time with “hi-hello” preliminaries, asked direct questions, and gave crisp directions.

First agenda, see some Arnis Pasindo moves. That's Master Cris with his assistant instructor, Lakan Von Altas
First agenda, see some Arnis Pasindo moves.
That’s Master Cris with his assistant instructor, Lakan Von Altas

But I guess that’s why he’s able to face challenges and achieve the difficult. Afterall, it takes a lot of drive and passion to find publishable material. You’ve got to be results-oriented to do that regularly. Imagine the number of people you have to communicate and work with!

Then he asked me if I’d like to be a regular contributor to the newspaper, writing about Filipino martial arts and how it intertwines with our culture.

me and Steven Dowd
Can you see the “oh-so-delighted” look in my eyes?

Knowing me, I got excited right away and said a swooning “Yes!”.  Although I’m feeling a little insecure because I never had any training in writing, I’m grateful for  the trust and opportunity to promote FMA.

OK, what can I offer?

Well, FMA is Filipino and I’m Filipino. I live in its land of origin and can speak Tagalog and Ilonggo,  therefore I have easier access to a lot of FMAers. Most of all, I offer my beginner’s perspective which is still generally unjaded and wide-eyed.

I just hope that I will be able to write well enough…

Anyway, who would have thought that I would be doing this? A little over a year ago I started this tiny blog knowing next to nothing about Arnis . Now I’m writing for one of its most popular newspapers. Hard to believe, but true. Oh, WOW!

Thank you very much FMA informative!

This life is good. Indeed.

P.S. I forgot that I removed my camera’s memory card so I requested hubby (and driver for the day) to use my cellphone to take the photos. Please excuse the off-color.  Hmmm, is this a preview of my life as a newspaper writer? Haha, I hope not! 😀


4 thoughts on “Friends, look at where this blog brought me

  1. Blade Apprentice March 3, 2014 / 11:49 PM

    Wow! I’m sure you’ll write some great FMA articles for them. Congrats, Ate Joy! Pugay and more power! 😀

  2. Oliver March 8, 2014 / 6:45 AM

    Wow! You will bring FMA to a higher perspective with your contributions. Conratulations and thank you! Pugay Miss Joy Lim!

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