If I give you an itak, would you know how to open a coconut?


Hubby and I went to Batangas over the weekend and on our way home, one town was having a fiesta so traffic was terrible. Look at the gridlock above.

Anyway, on the roadsides were rows of fruit stands selling bananas, pineapples, and young coconuts (aka buco).

Ahh… buco!  Drink its nutritious, refreshing juice and when you finish,  split it open and eat its white slimy flesh.

Minding the store was an old woman who called her granddaughter to open the buco for us. Out came a shy teen probably not more than 5-ft tall and 90 lbs.


Buco, Itak

She was petite and dainty but watch her effortless skills. She didn’t even look scared at handling such a sharp, deadly weapon. I was totally impressed and entertained!

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

She makes it look so EASY.

Now, do you think you can do that also?



3 thoughts on “If I give you an itak, would you know how to open a coconut?

  1. HALFORD E. JONES April 21, 2014 / 10:31 PM

    Yes, there are special ways to open a coconut. The opening of a coconut ;with the husk on is more difficult with or with our a bolo but trying to do so with the BARE HANDS is even more of a challenge but there are people who can do this but if you have tender,untrained hands, hyou might have great problems in so doing. OPENING A COCONUT FROM WHICH THE HUSK HAS BEEN REMOVED SO THAT THE SHELL (USALLY ‘HAIRY’ REMAINS IS FAR EASIER. However, to keep the coconut ‘water’ from ‘young’ coconuts in the two halves of a well=split coconut, or the coconut ‘milk’ some things make it easier. You can split these with the BARE HANDS EASILY if you practice or with a bolo if needed and you want to obtain a lot of fresh, young coconut meat to spoon our and also the water to drink, an excellent thirst quencher out in the barrios . I HAVE REVEALED THE ‘SECRET’ TO THIS WHICH I LEARNED WHILE LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES. I will post my article, if I can find it, on FACEBOOK and tag the photo if I can. Keep up the great work. Thanks very much. HALFORD

    • thedeadlydance April 21, 2014 / 10:50 PM

      Oh, there’s a “secret!” Thank you sir. I’ve never tried opening a coconut. Not once. Looks scary with the sharp bolo. I’ve seen how a “niyog” can be split with bare hands but they had to do a small crack with a bolo first. Looking forward to your tag 🙂

  2. Lester Usapdin August 15, 2014 / 2:23 PM

    You can use your teeth to remove the husk just like world record holder in Bohol.

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