Tournament Report: 14th Arnis Pasindo Invitational Tournament


Grandmaster Crisanto Pasindo (8th from left) with the Tournament Judges and Referees

Arnis Pasindo Invitational Tournament. 5 December 2015. Volleyball Court, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines.

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” –Helen Hayes

Do you know how it is when the court is full of new athletes who are nervous, but enthusiastic and had little or no expectations on themselves? It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Well, that was the general atmosphere of the 14th Arnis Pasindo Tournament. We had 120 athletes and about a third were first-time competitors. You can actually feel the positive vibe. They were eager and not jaded at all.

Singing “Lupang Hinirang” during the Opening Ceremony

Of course, part of it was because more teams exhibited discipline and sportsmanship, and behaved the way Filipino Martial Artists should.

Over the last 13 tournaments, a number of individuals as well as whole teams, have been disallowed from participating again in any Arnis Pasindo Tournament because they disrupted the games and were disrespectful to officials and other athletes. “This is the only way we can usher in a new generation of Filipino Martial Artists — get rid of the bad and encourage the good,” Master Cris Pasindo said. “Even if that will mean only 50 players, then so be it.”  

Well, even when we had to change the date of this tournament from Sunday to Saturday which prevented many athletes and officials to join because they still had work or classes, we definitely had more than 50, and what a tournament we had!

Opening Ceremony

Master Cris welcomed and thanked everyone for participating. He said, “It’s great to be involved in a sport that also increases your appreciation of your own culture.”

And as he always does, he reminded everyone of the tournament’s objective: to bring Filipino Martial Arts tournaments to a higher level such that someday, it will be included in the Olympics. “We’re not even in the South East Asia  (SEA) Games,” he said. “I’m sad that even if Filipino Martial Arts is our national sport, it’s not one of the sports played in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines  (UAAP) nor the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). It’s tragic, but with our united efforts, we will surely make progress.”


Exhibitions by different Grandmasters are always done so that the younger athletes will know that Filipino Martial Arts is not just what we play in tournaments– it also has combat, self defense, and other aspects.

Grandmaster Jerry dela Cruz of Arnis Cruzada  doing a combat exhibition with his team. He was moving so fast that all our photos of him were blurred.
Grandmaster Henry Espera of Rapido Realismo Kali doing a double bolo exhibition
Coach Arnold Narzo and Coach TR Elicano after their rapid fire exhibition of Solo Baston, Dikitan, Punta y Daga, Empty Arms Disarming


12339593_1212824482064641_8317343433184465929_o (1)

The Elite Team

A Sinawali and Basic Strikes exhibition was also done by the special needs students of Dynamic Thinkers Educational Center who call themselves, The Elite Team. Thanks to their patient coach, Dayang Helen Mae de Leon, the students did “a performance of their lives” and was given a big round of applause afterwards.

Tournament Proper

Anyo and Combat Demonstration Competitions


They’re getting better and better at showing real Filipino Martial Arts moves,” Grandmaster Jerry dela Cruz remarked as he watched the competitors. They better be, because, as usual, moves that were clearly from the other arts like Wushu, Karate, or even from band majorettes and bartenders were scored low.

Point System Sparring


The Arnis Pasindo tournament rules were used and that meant that the players were separated after a hit. There’s no continuous hitting so the fights are cleaner and safer and the scoring clearer.

The elimination rounds  of the Novice Category was a joy to watch. The way they flailed their arms, legs, and bodies were “fresh” moves as only beginners make.  “Whew! This is fierce. Avoiding getting hit is as important as hitting!” exclaimed one after his rounds. Oh yes, dear Novice, you are so right.

The cheering from their teammates was another level. “I don’t remember any of our tournaments having this much fun before,” said one official.

“Having many beginners is good,” Master Cris said. “Everybody starts as beginners and for all we know some of them will FMA Grandmasters in the future. They just need experience and exposure, and our tournaments will give them that.”

Time flew as we watched the rest of the sparring competitions. Athletes were sweaty in their armors with minds and bodies tense with anticipation and strategy. When they finally made their moves and padded sticks hit the armors and made those distinctive whacking sounds, the referees with their hand signals and instructions, and the judges’ red and blue flags going up and down, it was savagely beautiful to watch.


The fights continued into the night, with the last round ending at just before 8 PM.

Meticulously arranging the trophies and medals


Closing and Awarding Ceremony


2nd Runner Up: Fort Bonifacio Blazing Phoenix
First runner up: University of the Philippines Kamao / KAMAO
Overall Champion: Paclibar Bicol Kali

When all the medals and trophies have been awarded, Master Cris Pasindo declared the 14th Arnis Pasindo Tournament close.  He then invited everyone to next year’s tournaments. “Continue to train, become better and better, and let’s see each other again in April, August, and December 2016. Mabuhay!” 











6 thoughts on “Tournament Report: 14th Arnis Pasindo Invitational Tournament

  1. Robert Mitchell December 17, 2015 / 1:18 AM

    What a great post — your blog is super! This looks like so much fun! But you didn’t mention how it went for you personally. Did you have any matches? How do you feel about your performance? What did you learn?

    • Joy December 19, 2015 / 8:19 PM

      Thank you very much for visiting and commenting Robert. Those are good questions and I think i can write another post about them. Anyway, I didn’t join any match as I was part of the organizing committee. But next year, maybe. 🙂

      • Robert Mitchell December 19, 2015 / 11:01 PM

        Then you deserve a trophy too, for working so others can “play.” I hope next year you can trade your camera and clipboard for sticks!

        • Joy December 19, 2015 / 11:07 PM

          We’ll see Robert, we’ll see. 🙂

  2. Mae March 6, 2017 / 7:18 AM

    Wow! Dayang Joy, I happen to discover my special needs students pictures just now. Thank you so much for recognition! Nice blog!

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