Filipino Martial Arts

  1. “Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts
  2. FMA Talk Live
  3. stlcounterpoint
  4. Stickman’s Escrima Blog
  5. The Sydney Arnis and Stick Fighting School
  6. Better Living Personal Development & Martial Arts
  7. Garimot Arnis Training
  8. Step Forward
  9. Latosa Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts
  10. Blade Apprentice


  1. Too Young To Be Old
  2. Solo Keiko
  3. To Black Belt and Beyond…
  4. Art of Vailaya
  5. My karate is better than your cheeseburger


  1. Tactical Taekwondo
  2. Wallace Smedley

Tai Chi

  1. The Internal Athlete

Tang Soo Do

  1. Redheaded Ruminations
  2. Martial Arts Diary

Martial Arts (Varied)

  1. On A Mission
  2. Elite Martial Arts and Fitness’ Blog
  3. Routine Refinement
  4. wingchunarnis
  5. Thoughts of a Well Balanced Martial Artist
  6. Wing Chun Kuen Study Group
  7. Lobo’s Blog
  8. Warrior Traveller 
  9. The Green Fighter
  10. Urban Survival Blog
  11. TCB Fight Team
  12. Big Stick Combat
  13. Okamisensei
  14. A gent in training
  15. Jeremy Bruce’s Training Log

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